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Grade 1



Mrs. Wedryk
Grade 1
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Butterfly in the Wind

A child is a butterfly in the wind:
Some can fly higher than others
But each one flies the best that it can.
Why compare one against the other?
Each one is different
Each one is special
Each one is beautiful.

Teaching First Grade is so exciting to me.  Each and every student is special and important. It is fun to listen and laugh as we learn together.  We begin the year as a room full of individuals, but before long, we really become a First Grade Family, who cares for one another and thrives on new experiences.  I really appreciate the wonderful opportunity I have to teach your children. 
Mrs. Wedryk

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We’re ready to begin a new and exciting year.  I want to welcome all of you to our First Grade Family. 

I am Mrs. Wedryk, the First Grade teacher.  I have 3 wonderful sons and daughters-in-law who have blessed me with 8 terrific grandchildren. I am very proud of all of them. I have been teaching in the Catholic Schools since 1981 and have been here at Sacred Heart since 1995.  Catholic Schools are my passion.  It is an honor and pleasure to teach and watch your wonderful children develop and bloom into eager learners, readers and mathematicians.  They are very special to me. Thank you for this privilege.

Below are topics that need to be addressed to make this beginning of school easier.  Please read through them carefully.


Starting the day off right is important to everyone. Please be sure to check your child’s temperature daily before coming to school. If they don’t feel good please keep them home.  School starts at 7:45 A.M.  We pray promptly at 7:55.  Anyone entering the room after 7:55 will be counted tardy for the day.  If your child is ill, please call the office and let us know.  Dismissal is at 2:45pm.  Also, let us know who should bring home your child’s homework.  Upon return to school, your child must bring a written excuse note and give it to his/her teacher.  This is mandatory.


Please READ all notes and promptly respond to them by the deadline given.  Be sure to follow the monthly calendar in your family folders and remember to sign and return your family folder to school by Tuesday.  We appreciate your help and cooperation.


Working with your child is essential in First Grade.  Our time in school only begins the learning process.  The home practice and review helps to reinforce what has been taught in school.  Allow your child to become independent.  Dressing one’s self, tying one’s shoes, opening and eating one’s lunch, organizing and remembering homework are all skills each child must learn.  Now is the time!  Please remember to praise your child for his/her accomplishments. What seems easy to us might have been an insurmountable task when he/she began it.


Your child’s attitude toward school reflects your attitudes about school.  Please be supportive of all our endeavors.  If a problem arises, see me so a solution can be reached. I am available before and after school and you are always welcome.


In order to work well, all children need a good breakfast.  Healthful lunches should be brought to school.  Napkins, silverware and straws should accompany lunches that require them.  Please limit the amount of sweets in school.  Please do not send carbonated pop.  Parents may not bring fast food lunches to school for their child at lunchtime.  Lunches must be brought from home in the morning or purchased through the Archdiocesan Hot Lunch Program.  Our lunch period is from 11:00 to 11:25.  Proper rest is also essential for good scholastic performance.  Please be sure your child has the amount of nighttime sleep he/she requires.


Any incomplete papers found in the homework folder are homework.  Daily practice of Reading Words and Spelling Words is homework.  Oral reading is also daily homework.  Your child will know which story to practice.  Please be sure readers are returned back to school the next day. Homework folders and Word Lists travel to and from school daily.  Check them each day to keep up with your child’s progress.  Word Lists belong with the homework folder when they are not in use.  It is each child’s responsibility to have his/her materials in school each day.

Uniform sweaters and sweatshirts must be marked with the child’s name on the label inside.  Navy blue school sweaters will be necessary during the change of seasons and during the winter.


Shoes must be tied at all times.  It is the child’s responsibility to keep his/her shoes tied at all times.  If your child cannot tie his/her own shoes, please purchase velcro closing shoes.  Gym shoes are only permitted when gym uniforms or school dress shorts are allowed. 


In order to foster good behavior in class, we will have a token reward system.  So if your child tells you that he/she got 2 pieces of “black gold” please praise him/her and encourage that good behavior.  Our goal is to teach valuable social and life skills for building good character and invite students to discover how capable they are, so they can use their personal power in constructive ways.  Each child is expected to observe the expectations of the class and school.  Mishaps will result in an apology or/and a written note explaining what was inappropriate.  The note must be signed at home and returned the next day.  We will also have a Schoolwide Positive Discipline Plan.  So be good, kind and helpful while following all our social distancing rules and regulations for health and safety.  The Masked Crusader is watching YOU.


Participating in Mass is an integral part of our Christian Faith.  All children are expected to attend Weekend Mass with their families.  As we begin our preparation to receive Jesus in Communion, we need to be closer to Him through our Saturday/Sunday Mass attendance.  Please take this responsibility seriously.


Praying is an important part of our daily school worship.  And it needs to be important at home too.  Please help us.  We are learning The Sign of The Cross, Hail Mary, Our Father, Angel of God, Grace and Glory Be.

I hope this helps to answer some of your questions.  I am looking forward to an exciting year.  I am very grateful to you for sharing your precious children with me.  May the Lord bless us with a healthy, fruitful year.
Thank you for your cooperation.


Homework assignments will be posted on Seesaw as they become available.



1. Complete all papers in the homework folder each day and return them to school the next day.  (If there is something that is unclear or difficult, just write a note on the paper and we will clarify it in school.  Homework should not be stressful.)
2. Read words from the Word List daily.  (Say the word, spell the word, and say the word again.)
3. Read from our practice reader or school reader daily.
4. Practice math lesson daily.


1. Complete and return homework the next day.
2. Work is marked “LATE” when it is turned in late.
3. Contact parents if a pattern forms.


Spelling and Phonics Tests are taken every Friday.  Handwriting is graded on each Spelling Test.  The Handwriting grade is written under the Spelling Test grade.  On the back of the Spelling Test paper, the students write three dictated sentences and correctly capitalize and punctuate them for a weekly English grade.  Second Quarter - They also write two original sentences using two given spelling words.  The sentences must make sense and have proper punctuation.  This is a second English grade for the week.

Math tests will be given at the end of each Unit taught.  If you review the lessons daily and save the worksheets to study from, your child will be ready for the tests. 


Papers that are meant for practice and reinforcement, will be marked with a “C” for correct, or a minus 1, 2, 3 to indicate the number of incorrect responses.  Please have your child correct these at home with you so you know whether he/she understands the concept.
Tests and other papers meant for assessment that are done independently, will be graded with a percentage.  (The practice pages the children do will prepare them for these tests.) These will be averaged for Progress Reports and Report Cards.  Please review all of these papers with your child. 
Papers marked with “CA” are papers we completed together as a “Class Activity”.  Some skills must be practiced together before the students can do them independently.  All skills are taught, practiced and reinforced throughout the year.  Please review all of these papers with your child. 

Percentages are recorded and averaged to determine each quarter grade.

Religion –
The Religion grade is based on participation in prayers, class discussions, cooperation and participation during Mass and reciting prayers independently.

– Reading Word Lists and stories are the criteria for Reading.  Grades are based on reading tests, reading vocabulary, independent work, oral reading and mastery of Reading skills.

– This grade is based on writing sentences and stories.  The dictated sentences on the back of each spelling test will be graded for capitalization, punctuation and spelling. 

– Grades are based on weekly Spelling Sight Word List tests and weekly Reading vocabulary words tests.  Students are responsible for all Spelling Sight Word List words and Reading vocabulary after they are taught and practiced.  So be sure to review all Spelling Sight Word Lists and Reading vocabulary regularly.

– Grades are based on the correct formation of the letters.  Weekly handwriting grades will be given on each Spelling test under the Spelling percentage. 

– Math grades are based on written assessments and on fact assessments.  Quizzes on the memorization of Math facts will also be averaged for the Math grade.

– Grades are based on weekly Friday tests that cover the skills practiced during the week.  We will test beginning and ending consonant sounds first.

Science and Social Studies
– Grades for these will be based on participation and tests.   Social Studies will be incorporated in our Reading time when we do our non-fiction reading unit and stories.
I hope this helps to clarify the grading policy for First Grade.  Grades will be entered into Powerschool weekly, usually over the weekend.  Be sure you check on your child’s grades.  I’m looking forward to a wonderful year.  If at any time a problem arises, please see me immediately to correct the difficulty. 

Thanks so much for your support and cooperation.



1. Be kind, respectful and honest.
2. Follow directions the first time they are given.
3. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself. 
4. Raise your hand and wait to be called on before you speak.
5. No running on school grounds.
6. Do not leave the room without permission.


1st mishap = apologize
2nd mishap = apologize and say how you can do better
3rd mishap = apologize and write how you can do better - to be signed by a parent or guardian and returned the next day

Severe clause = call home and tell parent/guardian about mishap - sit at the positive reflection  desk until student and teacher can find a solution


1. Receive “black gold” to put in your class bank.  At the end of the month the class will count and record their black gold. Your challenge is to exceed the previous month’s total.
2. Free play time

3. Special Class Activity - games, stories, movie, etc.

Our goal is to teach valuable social and life skills for building good character and invite students to discover how capable they are, so they can use their personal power in constructive ways.