The FSA’s First Annual 

Cornhole Tournament is Tonight!!!

April 19, 2024

at a glance…….

  • Double Good Popcorn Fundraiser! – opened Today…4 DAYS ONLY!!!!  Over $2,000 worth already sold!!!
  • Thank you for all of your donations! - Scouting for Food – Boy Scouts Food collection project 
  • Chicago’s Clean & Green – Saturday, April 20th
  • Parish Festival Volunteer Sign-up just opened!
  • ALTAR SERVER SCHEDULE – All Servers to be Present

Saturday, April 13th

4:30pm – Noemy Hernandez , Amelia Ramos

Sunday, April 14th

8:00am – Lily Rivas, Michael Sadzak

9:30am – Laila & Marely Lopez, Marcos Salamanca

11:00am – Lucija Crnković & Maja Lončar

Sacred Heart Parish Raffle Tickets

Before break, Students were sent home with an envelope containing a letter and 5 raffle tickets.  Please check with your students to make sure they don’t get lost.

We are asking that each family help support our Parish Festival by either buying or selling Raffle tickets.  The sale of the raffle tickets is part of your Fundraiser requirement.  Each family received 5 tickets at $20.00 each, extra tickets are available.  All money and stubs must be returned by May 20th.  Families who do not return the money and stubs will have their FACTS account charged for the $100.00.  We need ALL of you to make this festival a success.  Please remember this festival is for the benefit of the entire parish and the school.

Thank you,

Click here for the full letter from Father Steve and Principal Moscinski:  Parish Raffle.pdf 

Double Good Popcorn Fundraiser! – 4 DAYS ONLY!!!!

Here is one last great opportunity to fulfill your fundraising obligations!  Just use the QR code to set up your own store and share it with your friends and family.  They place their orders, you earn 50% towards your fee and it gets mailed directly to their homes!  

ACT NOW!!   It will only be available for days!!!  In just these few hours since it opened…our families have already sold over $2,021 dollars’ worth of popcorn!

Click here for the flyer:    Double Good Flyer.pdf 

10th Ward Earth Day – Clean & Green, Saturday, April 20th!

Volunteers are still needed for the Clean & Green event tomorrow!  This is a good opportunity for those students making Confirmation to earn those last few hours they need!

Please be on time and be ready to work!!!

Click here for flyer and a copy of the sign in sheet for hours:         Clean & Green (2).pdf           Religious Service Documentation.pdf 

Parish Festival Volunteer Sign-up just opened!

Parish Festival is Sunday, June 30, 2024!  Sign up now for the best times and locations!

Please reserve your time slot for the 2 mandatory hours of service for the Parish Festival.

Please volunteer your time so you will not be charged the $50.00 fee!

Sign up by May 20 to avoid the fee in FACTS.

Thank you, hope to see everyone there!!!

Click the link:

Click here for the flyer:    Parish Festival Sign Up Flyer.pdf 

Parents, don’t forget to share your photos!  Easter Pix!!

We are always updating our website and Facebook photos and would like you to send us some photos of your students as they were having fun all dressed up for Easter on the hunt for eggs or fun things you have planned during break. Always feel free to share at any time throughout the year!         This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you in advance for helping to keep our website up to date and for sharing the love and joy that being a part of the Sacred Heart family brings!

Lunch volunteers needed daily!!

Please consider helping at lunch duty during the school year.  Parent volunteers will supervise student lunches, help to open primary grade lunches and help to clean-up the lunch room. Your help is always appreciated! The time is from 11:00am until 12:15pm. This time is counted toward your mandatory family volunteer requirement.  

Sign up to volunteer:

Remember ALL volunteers MUST be VIRTUS Trained!

Click on the link to sign up and get started with training before school starts!!


Go, Crusaders!  












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